International Trade

       With a foothold on the west coast of the Taiwan Straits, focusing on “Made in China 2025” and utilizing brand resources of central enterprises, the Company is committed to becoming a comprehensive solution provider for advanced manufacturing with the aim to provide customers with high-tech electromechanical products, including elements, components, complete sets of equipment, tools and fixtures, instruments and meters, as well as supporting services such as equipment selection, process optimization, production line upgrade and technical consultation.

Contact Information:
Business Div.  I   Qi Hangzhen         TEL:+86-592-5189366,
Business Div. Ⅱ  Hu Tao                 TEL:+86-592-5185610,
Business Div. Ⅲ  Vera Yu                TEL:+86-592-5888071,
Business Div. Ⅳ  Tang Jie               TEL:+86-592-5910962,
Business Div. Ⅴ  Yang Yin              TEL:+86-592-5189699,