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Established in Xiamen, Fujian Province in 1980 and renamed in 2009, AVIC INTERNATIONAL XIAMEN COMPANY LIMITED (hereafter referred to as AVIC INTERNATIONAL XIAMEN) is an investment enterprise of AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC INTERNATIONAL) under the control of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd. (AVIC), and is a member of AVIC GROUP on the west coast of the Taiwan Straits.

Since its establishment, relying on the strong strength and talent advantages of AVIC and AVIC INTERNATIONAL, insisting on innovation driving and focusing on improving the quality and efficiency of development, AVIC INTERNATIONAL XIAMEN has developed a variety of businesses such as international trade, liquid crystal display, real estate management, property management and so on in over three decades of growth. Led by the 13th Five-Year Plan, guided by the state's industrial policy and taking professional operation as the main body, the Company has been committed to providing supporting services and related property management business for the industrial development of AVIC INTERNATIONAL on the west coast of the Taiwan Straits and striving to become a comprehensive solution provider for advanced manufacturing.

With the mission of " Go beyond commerce for a better world" and the vision of " To foster a first-class enterprise group and to become a world-leading enterprise loved by its employees, praised by its customers and respected by the society.", AVIC INTERNATIONAL XIAMEN has insisted on embodying AVIC INTERNATIONAL's values of "People-oriented, Responsibility, Partnership, Innovation and The unity of knowing and doing " in its customer services,integrating unique market awareness and customer focus throughout the work and providing customers with quality products and value-added services through humanized management in order to achieve win-win cooperation with partners.